Data Products

A new way to work with Data

Our Data Ecosystem has rich data sets that provide infinite opportunities for you to learn, leverage, and build new solutions for the future; solutions that you envision will enhance mobility experiences and improve the quality of life for all communities.

The 99P Labs Developer Portal delivers these data sets as products to you, with a great focus on usability, ease-to-understand and delivery experience.

With our own products and a rich partner network, these big data-sets are growing (size, streaming-frequency and diversity of sources) in an accelerated pace. With such a pace of growth, we are aware and cautious about the Privacy & Security concerns and are actively working on new ways to ensure that such rich data is utilized for the greater good.

Available Data

V2X Data

V2X data is collected as part of the “Ohio’s 33 Smart Mobility Corridor” initiative. This data is a feed from V2X-instrumented vehicles, driven by Honda employees on the US State Route 33.

Telematics Data

Honda-proprietary Telematics data is available for research purposes only. This subset data is received from the Telematics-enabled vehicles in the United States.

Micro-transit Data (Partner)

99P Labs has partnered with a Micro-transit Mobility-as-a-Service Company to make data available for Mobility & Sustainability Research.

Smart Columbus Data (Partner)

Smart Columbus Data comprises 3000+ data-sets and are provided via an Open Data platform, that is hosted by the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Places of Interest Data (Open)

OpenRouteServices (ORS) provides Places of Interest (POI), Maps, Time-Distance Matrix, Pelias Geocodes, Directions, Isochrones and Mapsurfer Tiles data. These data sets are open source.

Honda Smart Home Data

The Honda Smart Home team has made their data available to help innovators and developers address the issues of zero-carbon living and transportation.

Utility Vehicle Data (Partner)

99P Labs has partnered with The Ohio State University – Center for Automotive Research to instrument Campus Utility Vehicles to capture data for Package delivery.

Coming Soon!

  • Additions to Telematics Data

Looking for a data challenge? Here’s what we’re interested in:

Optimizing urban mobility and energy systems and services

Identifying technologies for zero-emission mobility and green energy storage

Supporting multimodal transport as an integrated and sustainable service

Creating mobility and energy assets operated and maintained in new business models